Student FAQ


How do I register for the fairs/events? 

For the virtual fair, registration, session signups, and participation in the 1:1 and group sessions is all done through Handshake. For the in-person events and fair, registration is on Handshake, but you don't have to register beforehand. Employer information and postings are all in Handshake.

Which events should I attend, and why is there a virtual fair and an in-person fair?

Students don't need to attend every event! That would be exhausting! Please read through the events on Handshake to see which ones would have employers attending in which you are interested. Do the same for the fairs, view those employers and their opportunities listed on Handshake to determine your approach. The CCD chose to offer both virtual and in-person fairs to support those employers that could travel to campus and those that weren't able to in order to help provide our students with as many connections as possible. 

What do I wear to the virtual and in-person fair and events?

Business casual is the attire we are suggesting for the fairs and events. Most of the employer representatives will be business casual as well. What is business casual? Collared shirts, blouses, slacks, skirts, dresses. For the virtual fair think about how your chosen clothes and your clean background look to the representative.

What do I have available/What should I bring with me? 

For the virtual fair, have the information you researched and paper and pen to take notes. For the in-person events, bring a folder/padfolio with 5-10 resumes, information you researched about organizations, and a pen to take notes. 

What should my goals be in going to the fair?

The outcomes you are seeking should guide your goals. A first-year student may want to meet employer representatives to learn what experiences the employer would be seeking in them to be eligible for the future opportunities, while a senior may be wanting to make a connection to learn more about a job in which they are applying. 

How do I approach an employer?

Approach with confidence and a smile! The employers are excited to meet Notre Dame students and interested in speaking with you to learn more about your interests and goals. Have your professional introduction ready and be prepared to adjust how you deliver it based upon who you are speaking to. Keep in mind, the career fair isn't an interview, but rather, an opportunity for you to get to know an employer and for them to know you, so don't hesitate to be yourself! 

What questions should I ask?

Do your research ahead of time on the employers you are planning to speak to. Employer information and job/internship postings are on Handshake under the Events/Career Fair tabs. Take notes and have those notes with you to review before you meet the employer representative. Share the knowledge you learned about the organization then ask informed questions showing that you know about the organization and their positions! Preface your questions with your knowledge, then add your question.


  • In your internship posting, I read about your summer research projects that student interns engage in. Can you tell me how you determine which interns work on which project?
  • The job posting mentions the use of design and photo editing software, do you have a specific software you use and are seeking expertise in?
  • Can you tell me what experiences I should have in order for you to consider me for this role when I’m a Sophomore or Junior?

Plan 3 questions for each organization, but once you ask your first one the representative will also engage and the conversation will flow!


How to use the Handshake Virtual Career Fair Platform

Preparation and Tips

Prepare for the event in the following ways:

  1. Watch: 6 Tips on Virtual Interviewing
  2. Sign up for a Resume Review By College | All-Colleges
  3. Attend a Career Fair Prep Session
  4. Read Handshake's advice on Participating in a Virtual Fair
  5. 10 Reasons Why to Attend a Virtual Career Fair


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