Info for Students

Graduate Student Networking Event
Tuesday, February 16, 11:00am-1:30pm

This networking event provides an opportunity for graduate students, postdocs, and alumni to connect with employers from a variety of industries. This year's event will be virtual, so participants will have the opportunity to attend group sessions, as well as schedule 1-1 meetings with employers.


  • Notre Dame Students, Postdocs, and Alumni: Meet with employers of all sizes across multiple industries promoting full-time employment and other career opportunities.
  • Employers are currently registering for the Career Fair. Please check back at a later date for a list of organizations and employers that are attending.

Registration & Sign-Ups to Meet Employers

Advance registration for the event is required to participate in this event. 


Registration and sign-ups for 1:1 sessions are staggered for this event. Registration goes live each morning at 6:00am according to the schedule below. You can continue to register for sessions until the event begins. Please know not all employers will have their schedules posted immediately and some will release their schedules closer to the date of the events.

Once registered, you will still need to sign-up for sessions with employers.

How to sign-up to meet employers:

  • Once you're registered for the event, you'll be able to view and sign up for available employer sessions. Click the Available Sessions tab in the upper-right of the page, below the event title and date/time. 
  • You'll be able to sign up for additional sessions on the day of the event. You can sign up for group sessions with availability up until one minute before the start of the session. Once the session has started, students will not be able to sign up.
  • Through Handshake, there are two types of sessions to interact with employers: 
  • Group Sessions: 30 minutes each, multiple students can attend.
  • 1:1 Sessions: 10 minutes each, one student and one employer representative can attend.

What to Expect Day-Of

  • On the day-of the event, you will log-in to Handshake and click into the Graduate Networking Event. Make sure to join a few minutes before your employer sessions begin. Once logged in, on the event's landing page look for Your Sessions. This section will include all of the sessions you signed up for in the time they will occur.
  • If you have time available, check under the Available Sessions section and see if any employers have availability. If so, you can always click on their open time slot and sign-up to meet with them.


Wondering what to wear to a virtual networking event? Plan on dressing the same as you would for an in-person interview! Stick to business professional or business casual dress attire.

Examples include:

  1. Tops - Wear a button down shirt or a simple blouse. It's optional, but pair with a casual jacket, blazer, or cardigan.
  2. Colors and Patterns - Choose neutral colors and simple patterns. Keep in mind that patterns often do not translate well over video and can be distracting.
  3. Bottoms - Still wear bottoms that are professional. Yes, the focus will primarily be from the chest up - but we've all seen virtual interviews go horribly wrong by a simple slip-up. Play if safe and pair your top with black or navy bottoms. Khaki is also acceptable.

Want more guidance? Check out this graphic.