Information for Student Staff Working the CEN Event

The following resources are provided to student employees and volunteers working the Career Explorations Nights event on March 9-11.

Links to Resource Pages

Here are a few links of interest:

Expectations for the Hosting a Zoom Session Room

Here are a few key concepts for hosting:

  • Be sure you are in the correct Zoom Session (session 1-4) -- the best place to find the Zoom link is on the Searchable directory
  • Be in the Main Zoom Room at least 5-10 minutes before your session is scheduled to begin
  • "Join" the correct breakout room 
  • Help facilitate conversation
    • Welcome the alum  "
      • Good evening, everyone.
      • Thanks for joining us.  
      • Please be sure to keep your cameras on, but your mic muted.
      • With us here tonight is Michelle, who is the Chief Diversity Officer for Gamma Enterprises.
      • In the interest of time, I will turn the session over to Michelle to share insight into her backgrond and career path, and then we will open it up to questions.
      • (alum answers the standard questions)
      • After alum is finished...
        • Thanks for sharing, Michelle.
        • For our student guests, please feel free to unmute yourself and ask a question.
        • (be ready to ask a question if no students ask any questions)
    • At the 20 minute mark, send a chat that says "Thanks for coming, everyone. I will be leaving in a few minutes to help at another session."
    • Excuse yourself at the 25 minute mark so that you can join the next breakout room you are scheduled to work.
    • The alum is welcome to stay as long as they wish.  Their breakout room will not close.  If the student(s) and alum want to stay and talk, they are welcome to do so. You may want to remind the student(s) that the alum has only committed to 30 minutes.
  • If the alum does not show up, apologize to the students and say you will be righ back.  Please go back to your Main Session and let the Main Session Administrator (LoriAnn, Ryan, Erin, or DJ) know.
  • If nobody joins your session, remain with your host for at least 10 minutes past the scheduled start room. Some students may show up late.  Engage them in small talk. If you need help thinking of things to talk about, here are a few:
    • Thanks again for making time for this.
    • Sorry we don't have anyone visiting.  Since we have a few minutes free, I'd love to hear about your Notre Dame experience.

Live Help the Night of the Event

A Career Development staff member will be remaining in the 4 Main Zoom Sessions:

  • Zoom Session 1 (link) - LoriAnn Edinborough (CCD Director of Undergraduate Career Services)
  • Zoom Session 2 (link) - Ryan Willerton (CCD Associate Vice President)
  • Zoom Session 3 (link) - Erin Aucar (CCD Regional Engagement Manager in Washington, DC)
  • Zoom Session 4 (link) - DJ Washington (CCD Director of Employer and Regional Engagement) 

The CCD will have an open Google Chat for the night of the event in case you have technical issues.  

Katy White, CCD's Administrative Coordinator, will be answering the main CCD line for any questions that come up --  574-631-5200.

Quick Video on details for the Event

Questions Before the Event?

Please contact LoriAnn Edinborough ( up until the start of the event.